About Us

The Muskoka Rowing Club is a non-profit sports organization that was founded in 1988 by a group of local teachers with an initial focus on the development of a high school rowing program. Over the past 30 years, the club has evolved with the bulk of the current membership being classified as adult recreational rowers, though there is still a strong high school student component.

The club is comprised of a wide cross section of members who range in age from teenagers to older adults. Likewise, there are diverse rowing abilities ranging from true beginners to those who compete at an elite level. From May to late October, MRC members have the ability to hone their skills on the scenic Muskoka River, take part in various club social events, and participate in one of the fastest growing recreational activities.

Rowing uses all major muscle groups to provide a low impact full body workout, making it a lifelong sport. Enjoyment and physical fitness are emphasized in a supportive environment within MRC. The club offers a wide variety in their fleet of boats and all members have the opportunity to be part of a crew and/or row as an individual in a single boat. MRC allows for both individual and team development, and those who wish to row more competitively have the opportunity to compete at regattas and races on a wider geographic basis under the Muskoka Rowing Club banner. Several students have gone on to compete at the university level, and return each summer to share their new found knowledge.

The Muskoka Rowing Club is recognized by, and is a member in good standing of, the Ontario Rowing Association and Row Canada Aviron.

The club is located in downtown Bracebridge at Kelvin Grove park. The boathouse and parking are located on the south side of Ecclestone Drive and our docks are situated on the shore of the Muskoka River just down from the falls.