To assist in the Nipissing University program’s development, MRC donated a 4+ and oars, and sold a Hudson 2x for below-market value. As there was no rowing club in North Bay, the university’s rowers registered under MRC..... Thankfully, MRC has once again offered to support rowing in North Bay by allowing both community and university athletes to register under the MRC banner. Without MRC’s support, rowing at Nipissing University and North Bay would not have been possible. Read the Full Document Here!

- Dean Hay, Ph.D. Head Coach, Nipissing University Rowing

Last year I was lucky enough to discover a hidden gem right in the heart of Bracebridge. I have lived in Bracebridge all my life and never realized how lucky we are to have such a fabulous venue and club that supports it. I am speaking of the Muskoka Rowing Club. Never having rowed I was a little apprehensive and self conscious at first, but my fears were quickly put aside. From the very first “Learn to Row Day” everyone at the club was friendly and helpful and shared their love of rowing with me. There is a great mix of young and old, novice and expert rowers. You can enjoy a quite early morning row up the river or a more boisterous affair with the “crazy eights”. Whatever your interest, Muskoka Rowing offers a wide range of activities. Coaching is available on request and there is never a shortage of advice from the regulars. I can’t wait to get on the water again. If you have ever thought about rowing come down to the boat house and check us out. You will be glad you did!

- KP

I joined the Muskoka Rowing Club in May 2013 with my goal set on rowing with the University of Guelph the following September. Having never touched an oar before I had a lot of training ahead of me. I definitely couldn’t have chosen a more supportive club. With the incredible coaching and flexibility of MRC, I was able to spend hours and hours on the water and my trips to Santa's Village got faster and faster. Special thank you goes to Coach Cindy for her patience and encouragement allowing me to achieve my goal.

- MK

Rowing began for me in 1995, under the direction of Jinty Stewart. I had always been a rower, only in a skiff. This would be the next step. A sliding seat with a crew. Over the years, I have been in many boats: The Elite, Motley Crew and Misfits. There is nothing better than stepping into a shell, grabbing an oar and waiting for the coxie’s command...Ready to Row....And Row.

- WM

MRC's staff and volunteers were an amazing help to Camp Widjiitiwin during the summer of 2014.  Camp Widjiitiwin sponsors 120 children and teens from two of Toronto's impoverished, high-risk neighborhoods every summer in collaboration with the Toronto Metro Police.  The MRC not only loaned us a quad shell for two weeks to introduce a rowing program, the MRC instructors guided the camp staff through the development of an introductory training program for these kids.  Some of our campers could hardly get their hands around the oars.  Nonetheless it was terrific fun and a great challenge.

- BP, Program Sponsor and Widjii supporter

My 1991 introduction to the fledgling Muskoka Rowing Club was in the bow seat of an eight.  That day led to ongoing passion for a sport with a never-ending learning curve. Trying to master the complexity of rowing eights, fours, doubles and a competitive racing single has been a demanding journey.  But the real reward has been knowing and rowing with MRC members.  Long may they grace the Muskoka River.

- DT

Rowing with the Muskoka Rowing Club is a great way to get exercise while enjoying the beauty of Muskoka.  It is a total body workout that is lots of fun because of the enthusiasm of the other rowers. Its an awesome feeling when you have a great row or even a few great strokes.

- KM