Member Boat Storage

The Muskoka Rowing Club makes space available for members in good standing to store privately owned boats. A member in good standing is defined as a member who abides by the rules/policies established by the MRC and has paid the applicable membership fee or arranged payment. The storage rules/policies have been established to provide a fair system for allocation and use of storage space. The rules/policies are as follows:

1) Individuals storing private boats must be full active members of the club or coaches for the club.

2) Requests for private boat storage should be made in writing

3) Arranged fee for a full year of storage will be due by June 1 of each year

4) Articles that can be stored under this agreement include one boat, one set of oars and one set of rigging

5) Assignment of spot for private boat storage is at the discretion of the board. This decision will be based on the following criteria: frequency of use; height, experience and ability of athlete; weight, length/size, rigger type; contribution to club

6) The board reserves the right to move, relocate, or remove privately owned boats. The member will be notified in writing prior to such an action. The notification will explain the reason for the move, relocation or removal

7) If the member wishes a different spot other than the one assigned they may submit a request in writing which will be considered by the board

8) Boat owners store their boat and equipment at their own risk. The club does not assume responsibility for damage, loss, or theft. It is the sole responsibility of the boat owner to obtain appropriate insurance protection and to follow the MRC safety rules

9) All private boat owners will complete and sign the private boat storage agreement which includes a description of the equipment stored and a list of authorized users.