Learn to Row

What to Expect: The Learn to Row program is designed to turn individuals with no previous rowing experience into rowers. This program consists of one dry land orientation and instruction on the water from our experienced coaches. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to row for the remainder of the season Monday through Friday mornings and Monday through Thursday evenings.

Registration Form:

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 To teach beginner rowers the basics of sculling (using 2 oars) rowing technique so they can safely row in a crew. 

Upon completion of this program, participants will have a good understanding of the basic rowing stroke and proper technique, rowing safety, proper equipment care, club rules and rowing jargon. They will also experience rowing in different seats in the boat. 

 This program consists of one dry land orientation that focuses on the equipment and the basics of the stroke are taught on an indoor rowing machine. Then the lessons are moved onto the water for several hours on instruction that include refining the stroke and building on power and speed. Participants will receive personal attention from experienced coaches who will help to develop these skills. At the end of the program, the coaches will arrange additional sessions if needed. All efforts are made to ensure the participants have a crew to row with for the season.

Participants will learn:

- boat and personal safety

- fundamentals of the rowing stroke and proper body mechanics

- rowing and equipment terminology

- equipment care

- basic maneuvers (setting up the boat, starting, stopping, turning)

- launching and docking 

What to bring/wear:
Participants should wear athletic clothing that is comfortable and relatively close fitting so that it does not get caught on anything as you row. It is recommended to dress in layers including a light jacket if it is a cooler day and to wear socks and footwear that you do not mind getting wet. Please bring along a water bottle as well to stay hydrated. 

RCA Modules:
- Journey 1

- Journey 2
- Journey 3 

 RCA Safety Video - 

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